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20 Most Visited Romantic Honeymoon Destinations In India

best honeymoon destinations
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If you haven’t explored much of the romantic honeymoon destinations in India then why not take a trip to such special places with your soulmate. Reveal the raw beauty and untrodden pathways of the country with the love of your life as this is will surely be a memory to cherish for life. What better than going to some of the best romantic places in India and thus start the beautiful journey called marriage. So gear up to create the first amazing memory with your better half and select the one which impresses you the most.

Marriage, a heavenly connection that ties two families or people, yet in addition two spirits with an endless bond for a lifetime! With the bunch being tied, life just goes in a different direction towards affection, delight, and sentiment.

Such a propitious bond throughout everyday life, why not and include some more strokes of sentiment and fondness with a charming vacation trip? In any case, at that point… that one inquiry strikes the psyche: where to go?

All things considered, no more stresses in arranging a marvelous special night trip! Here is a rundown of 20 best romantic honeymoon destinations in India; simply get the most charming goal and let love wrap up for you…

Top 20 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations In India:

1. Agra – Find love in its purest form:

taj mahal agra

Talk about Agra and the first thing which comes in your mind is the magnificent and huge Taj Mahal, which is the epitome of love and romance. Shower all the love for your better half in the most amazing manner with the magical and mesmerizing beauty of TajMahal. Starting the wedded life within the sight of the universally eminent image of affection, the TajMahal sure must be probably the best approaches to spend your special night. In spite of the fact that not a lasting through the year goal and however not a normally honored spot, Agra still claims the vibe of sentiment, love, and enthusiasm. The supernatural beauty of the TajMahal makes you really have confidence in the unfathomable length of time of Marriage and love, making the most romantic honeymoon places.

2. Jaisalmer – Thar desert will surely rekindle love:

jaisalmer rajasthan

The Thar Desert, which is unending stretch of sand, is truly a great place for a honeymoon. Jaisalmer is mainly famous for its craft and varied culture. You will surely enjoy each other’s company and the time spent together will be cherished for years to come.

3. Khajjiar – Find love and solace both at the same time:

khajjiar himachal pradesh

Rightly known as the Switzerland of India, this place is filled with wide stretches of green meadows and dense forests which make a perfect romantic scenario. One of the best places to visit for a honeymoon in India and makes wonderful memories. The mountains are snow-clad which makes it a perfect romantic holiday destination away from the hustles of the city.

4. Andaman Island – Paradise for beach lovers. Perfect Romantic honeymoon destinations in India:

andaman islands

Honestly speaking I think Andaman Island is the ideal goal in India for investing loosening up the energy with your friends and family. The excellent places for honeymoon and the grand perspective on the sea is amazing. The spot is where the couple can have a sentimental, flame lit supper under the stars additionally the couples who are more into experiences can have a go at swimming, kayaking, paddling, water skiing, and other water sports. The spot unquestionably offers something or the other for each sort of couple. Take a stab at visiting Andaman Island while arranging your wedding trip.

5. Goa – Cheers to love:

Goa beach

Goa is all about celebration and enjoyment. If relaxing after a hectic marriage and enjoying your togetherness is your sole ambition as a couple, then you have surely landed in the right place. This place has much to offer you as a couple and will certainly give you many romantic moments. Sun, sand and the seashore. What will be the best places to visit for the newly married couple?

There’s something unique every step of the way when you’re in Goa. This is the ideal wedding trip place in India for a free-vivacious, bohemian souled couple. To begin with, the magnificence of this spot is sufficient to make them influence one another’s the essence. Protection in India is elusive however South Goa gives you only that in the bounty. On the off chance that you two are wild partiers, at that point, you should exploit this spot and put on your happy clothes and get a buzz out of Goa’s nightlife. In case you’re a couple that likes to keep it brave, Goa is a center of experience water sports and best places for honeymoon. This, as well as Goa, has sentimental hotels and the group is amiable. Additionally, in case you’re not having anything your way, you can generally play the special night card to complete things.

6. Pondicherry – Let the love flourish in the traditional way:


Cherish love the French way. Pondicherry is aptly the Little Paris of India. You will get the feel of a spiritual city and it will surely help you to spend quality time with each other and have much to talk about at the end of the day. Explore the age-old French colony and rocky beaches in their natural forms and best honeymoon places in India. Pondicherry is an old French town with buildups of French design in its rear entryways and paths. Likewise an incredible spot for ocean darlings and one of only a handful couple of spots in India for scuba plunging with vivid corals. Seeing dawns here are continually entrancing. Who disapproves of pontoon rides? Column away to Paradise Island and appreciate each other’s conversation. Or on the other hand, you could go for a sluggish walk around the spot and be intrigued by the differentiating shades of dividers around the city. Pondy likewise has fowl watching sessions at Ousterilake.

7. Darjeeling – Start your courtship with this beautiful place:

Darjeeling India

This place has one of the best stations in India for married couples. You can experience some of the breath-taking views here. The sunrise over the horizon of Tiger hills is something you cannot miss. If you are planning to come here for honeymoon then be prepared for some of the magical moments. Darjeeling is one of the best places of honeymoon in India. Many honeymoon couples like this place to reach their destination. It is the best tourist place from one to another place. The best destination for affordable packages online. Most importantly, you ensure the ideal base with fascinating trips. It is the hills of sightseeing tour sunrise on Tiger Hill. It also depends on very attractive from different actions on Darjeeling. Darjeeling is one of the best hill stations and honeymoon couples are like. However, the best landscape of creating with simple hard to escape. Also, the prominent attraction of picturesque beauty as well as it helps to create help to interesting with your honeymoon will cherish the rest of life.

8. Srinagar – Romance in the hilly areas:


This place is perhaps the most romantic place and a hot favorite for honeymooners. It is one of the best places to visit for the newly married couple. The beauty of Srinagar is enough to make the atmosphere romantic around you. Doing nothing but lying back on a Shikara with your soulmate is one of the unique experiences as a couple. Kashmir has stayed a standout amongst other special night puts in India for quite a while now and Srinagar demonstrates why this has been so. A Shikara ride in the Dal Lake at night is only enough to set the state of mind. Visit the bright Mughal gardens and fill your special night with truckloads of sentiment! A visit to the glades is much the same as wonderful finish! To genuinely comprehend and encounter the enchantment of Kashmir, you have to visit it since it can’t be portrayed in just words, regardless.

9.Coorg – Best place for honeymooners:


What better than jade green hills and scenic beauty of Coorg to make promises for a lifetime of love and togetherness? Famously known as the Scotland of India, this place will never fail to impress you. Spending time with your beloved one can be an awesome and memorable experience that will make the romantic honeymoon destinations in India.

10. Ooty – set your own definition of love:


You will be mesmerized seeing at the vast landscapes and captivating beauty of the Nilgiri hills. This area is blessed with a pleasant climate throughout the year which makes it even more apt for a honeymoon destination. Enjoy your personal time with the beauty of Ooty and make the best out of this romantic honeymoon place.

11. Jaipur – Explore all the colors of love:


Jaipur is filled with varied cultural extravaganza to offer you as a couple. This historic place is surely going to steal away your heart as it has everything to offer ranging from forts and palaces to its famous Rajasthani cuisine. Find love for each other in the colorful city of Jaipur.

12. Daman and Diu – Make way for more love and promises into your life:

Daman and Diu

The beauty of Daman and Diu is defined by the huge and royal Arabian Sea and enthralling ancient churches. Other than this, spending time on the shorelines will surely make a perfect honeymoon. There are many such places here which will decrease the distance between the two.

13. Manali – Celebrate Your Love in beautiful Nature:

This place is a magnet for all types of travelers. If you are going with your partner, then there are some of the best lofty mountains to explore. Moreover, the tiny and hippy villages are simply perfect to spend romantic time and explore your love for each other. 


Manali is an excellent tourist destination in India. Manali is a great place for married couples especially honeymoon. There are many things to do after going to Manali. There- are many places to visit and the best tourist attraction, it has many ancient temples. There’s also great entertainment stuff. It has many interesting features for those who come and forget their days. Even if you love the mountains, the beaches, the choices are many. India, northern mountains all stations are sweet, she makes the most of Manali weds wish list. That is, if the cause is incredible to Manali valley, hot springs need, of the faithlessness of ice, and the backstreets of the wind. And the famous Rohtang Christ, Gulab, Kothe, Rahala falls, etc. But among all the newlyweds so that some are distinguished above all by the neighboring country. These, and some in the around the station, in the wedding feast of the hilltop the list, hold the pain of Manali places to do your will. This match is no motion at the consumer level.

14. Leh and Ladakh – Enjoy your love with adventure:

Leh and Ladakh

Reaching this place is never an easy task which will make the journey a joyful one. If adventure is one important thing you look like a couple then this can be one of the memorable destinations of your life. Explore the rustic mountains and lakes and find love at the same time. Lying amidst the Himalayan and Karakoram ranges with a superabundance of attractions to visit and phantasmagoric and astonishing scenes, Ladakh is genuinely a paradise on Earth. Maybe no one has to know anything else about these urban areas. Leh-Ladakh was once concealed jewels of India however not any longer. The individuals, spots and atmosphere are simply dreamlike. These aren’t regular special first night goals, yet they can be if you two up for ventures. Your special night in Leh-Ladakh will be a serious encounter for you to think back upon. While you’re here, you ought to totally *NOT* miss the dawn from the Pangong Tso and viewing the Himalayas is a whole feeling in itself. Outdoors close to the Pangonglake could be one of the most critical encounters of your wedded life and it will be simply stunning to consider dozing under the stars or in a comfortable homestay in Nubra Valley for an extremely unique thought of a special night.

15. Khandala – Romance in a filmy way:


When in Khandala, you don’t need to make any efforts as every moment spent there will naturally be filled with romance and excitement. Situated near Pune, this place is well-known for the pleasant climate and various points all over the place, which makes the honeymoon even more mesmerizing.

16. Lakshadweep- the epitome of togetherness:


A less known fact is that this place is a cluster of one lakh islands. Moreover, it’s all about love and romance in its best form. What is more perfect than emerald beaches and turquoise water to mesmerize into a deep love for each other? Make the most of your personal time at the beaches and resorts here.

17. Auli – Take pride in making memories every moment:


All the hot-blooded couples out there, this is one of the best honeymoons as well as adventure destinations explored by few people. Not only a hill station filled with snow, but it is also well-known for skiing and other mountain sports. Cherish love in the white clean mountains of Auli. Specked with apple plantations, oaks, and deodars; Auli is a well-known slope resort, known for skiing and other snow sports. Being probably the best spot in India to appreciate the day off, has a couple of lovely retreats where you can appreciate a stunning special first night. Go out for some enjoyment in the day off, photographs and simply appreciate the adoration for one another in this wonderful slope station of Uttarakhand.

18. Munnar– Pure Nature love:


Among the most elevated and most ‘giving’ special night goals in Kerala, Munnar is arranged at the core of the rich green tea homes and offer open doors that you generally anticipated with your accomplice. You can pick among sentimental nursery bungalows and extravagant estates for your remain. Any place you are in Munnar, the cloudy mountains, valleys, and cascades are rarely far away.

19. Dalhousie – let nature do its work:


If you happen to plan your honeymoon in summer, then this is the perfect gateway for you and your soulmate. Treat yourself with the cool hills and pine-clad valleys. Find love in the purest form with distant mountains and colonial buildings which will never fail to create a romantic atmosphere.

20. Shilong – Like a Scotland in Meghalaya:

Conceived in the laps of nature, Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya and offers all of its granted component for the investigation to the hunger for new experiences, particularly for the couples who are searching for special romantic honeymoon destinations in India that offers something other than what’s expected to do. While Shillong itself is lovely with Elephant falls, Umiamlake and extraordinary neighborhood landscape for a sentimental visit, places like Dawki, Mawlynong, Double Decker Bridge in Nongriat are a portion of different trips conceivable.


With wedding preparations going on, now you have many reasons to prepare for your honeymoon as well. Timely bookings and deals will help you save huge bucks. Thus, what are you waiting for? Start this new phase of your life with these amazing romantic honeymoon places.

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