Top 20 Women’s Clothing Brands in India

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We cannot imagine life beyond clothing. For some, clothing is a necessity, and for some, clothing is the way of life. Every year, top fashion brands come up with new styles and new designs, making the world go mad. To say the less we are blessed that all these fast fashion brands come up with something or the other. Otherwise, the world will be sad to place to be in. Fashion is something that everyone obsessed with, we can’t deny that especially when we talk about women’s clothing brands. Most of the designer brands are sustainable and fashionable.

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Fashion all over the world varies from country to country. But the major fashion houses will always exhibit the trends that are popular among the globe. People love to dress up in western clothing, because of the ease of availability as well as the ease of wearing them.

We have compiled a women’s clothing brand list of top fashion brands.

Before going ahead, read the Pros and cons of India’s popular women’s clothing brands.

India’s women clothing fashion brands (Pros & Cons):


  • Updated: –these brands keep us updated with the new fashion trends, whether they are from sustainable clothing brands or designer brands.
  • Connecting: –designer brands help the users in connecting with the people who have the same interests, this way you can develop an attractive personality and meet with people who have the same thinking as yours
  • Look good always: –with the new releases and upgraded wardrobe, an individual can look good always, and feel confident.


  • Excessive buying: teenagers believe that being fashionable always will keep their right image intact. Otherwise, they will be categorized, labeled, and get bullied in school.
  • Financial repercussion:– finding loads of money on fashion can cause economic issues, especially in those families where expenses are always an issue.
  • Losing your personality:– with all the latest fashion designs, everyone tends to imitate their idol, and during this process, they buy everything which doesn’t even suit them, and they end up losing their personality.

Most Popular Women’s Clothing Brands in India:

Let’s dive into the list of top 10 women’s clothing brands and their online fashion stores so that you can shop as per your own convenience. Check it and let us know at the end.

1. Biba.



It is one of the most loved brands, they are famous for creating ethnic clothing with a fusion. Their prints and designs are fabulous, and will instantly steal your heart.if you are someone who loves wearing graceful yet stylish dresses at the same time, then go for this bras. Their price range varies from $6 to about $3300. They have suits, kurtas, Kurtis, fusion dresses, etc.

2. Chumbak:


If you are someone who is looking for a brand that provides good quality, fashionable outfits at a very marginalized rate, then Chumbak is your brand. They are among the best women fashion brands. They have tops, tees, and dresses for women. Each n every outfit is made to make you feel adorable and happy at the same time. Their clothing is a very fantastic blend of casual apparel with the latest trends. The price range varies from $8 to $50. You can visit it retail store or shop online through the official website, check the link below.

3. Allen Solly:

Allen Solly has been in India from 1993 onwards and has become one of the most preferred women fashion brands. Consumers can find each n every kind of western clothing, be it skirts, shirts, jackets, pants, blouses, and jumpsuits. They also have a range of clothes for working women. The price range is from $5 to $42, which depends upon the category of the outfit.

4. Zara:


Zara is among the most popular women’s clothing brands. They are loved for their casual as well as formal wear. They are the epitome of global fashion trends. The best part of Zara is that the user gets to experience fashion at a very affordable rate. They also have a website through which the customer can order. The price range varies from $14 to $130.

5. H&M:

H & M

H&M is another top fashion brand that is famous among the fashionistas around the world, and according to sources, they are taking the fanbase of Zara. They are famous because of the great deals which they offer. You can find everything, be it skirts, cardigans, maxis, pants, shirts, etc. even celebrities opt for H&M. their price range varies from $3 to $300.

6. Fabindia:


Fabinida is the go-to place for those people who love to wear fusion, ethnic as well as western clothing. They stand out because of their ethnic wear. The brand was found in 1960, and they are winning hearts since then. The price range starts from $8 to $300.

7. Anavila:


The primary focus of this Fashion brand is to create clothing that has pastel hues. It is famous all over the world for its Indian ethnic wear. If you are looking for sarees, in pastels then this fashion brand is for you. Anavila is one of the sustainable clothing brands, which makes minimalist clothing. Their clothing range is available at OGAAN. The price range is as low as $55 to $812.

8.Tommy Hilfiger:

Tommy Hilfiger

This brand was founded in the year 1985. They are famous for producing apparel for women, men, children, etc. they came into popularity in the mid-’90s because of their relaxed fit and hip hop fashion. A lot of rappers in the US would wear Hilfiger, and this is why they started to gain a lot of popularity. They have started manufacturing sportswear too. You can find T-shirts, dresses, jeans, etc. the price range is between $50 to $1000.



This is among the famous designer brands from India. They are known for their ethnic designs. Once upon a time, Virat Kohli was the brand ambassador and Anushka Sharma joined also. They both were promoting and this becomes the top fashion brand in India.

Manyavar is also known for its bridal clothing. They have created the most beautiful and trending designs, which can satisfy everyone’s pallet. They have salwar kameez, Anarkali’s, lehenga choli. The price range starts from $30 and goes up to $1693. Their clothes are available in-store and online as well. You can visit the Manyavar retail store nearby or shop online.

10. W for Woman:

w for woman

It is one of the popular women’s clothing brands; they are famous for their ethnic dresses. Their range consists of minimal and promising designs. The best part of this brand is that they have clothing for women of all ages. Their focus is one working woman as well as housewives. The price range starts from $19 to $150. You can shop via visiting the retail store or online shop.

11. Quirk Box:

quirk box

The Women’s clothing designs produced by the quirk box, are funky as well as full of life. These are those designs that you will not see them every day. The creativity behind the designs is actually because of the brain juices of every talented designer who is worked with them. The price range of their designs vary from 9 dollars and can go as 99 dollars.

12. The Label By Ritu Kumar:

The Label By Ritu Kumar

It is among the best designer brands globally. They are known for breaking records in the fashion industry. Their designs are a perfect fusion of eastern patterns and western cuts. The label is famous for its maxi’s and midis dresses. If you are looking for beautiful sundresses or casual skirts, then this is one brand where you will find something of your liking. They are also famous for their everyday wear, tops, and trousers. The price range starts from $74 to $400. You can also find indo-fusion Kurtis, that will steal your heart.

13. Hugo Boss:

hugo boss

It is a German brand which is famous for its products like footwear perfumes as well as apparel. This is a top fashion brand that was founded in the year of 1924, and they initially made uniforms, but after boss death. They ventured out into making men clothes; they then slowly started adding every time of clothing. They have about 1100 owned stores in the world. The price range starts from $40 to $600. This is among the popular women’s clothing brands worldwide.

14. Levi Strauss & Co:


This is famously known as Levi, this company was founded in the year of the year 1970, the brand went under the revolution, and they introduce a lot of many types of jeans line stone washing, etc. Levi is famous among everyone, be it kids or old age people. It is also said that Einstein used to wear a levis jacket, which was later auctioned off. The price range varies from $20 to $400. They have done some great collaborations with Google Netflix etc.

15. Global desi:

Global Desi

Global desi is one of the popular women’s clothing brands. The focus of the brand is a Bohemian style. If you are someone who loves chic trendy and nomad styles then this one is for you. They offer all the latest trends in the western niche. Their clothing is a perfect combination of bohemian and ethnic styles. The price varies from $6 to $130.

Wrapping up! Best Women’s Clothing Brands:

So here is a list of top 15 women’s fashion brand. We understand that changing fashion styles frequently can burn a massive hole in the pocket. But understanding and doing mindful shopping can actually help you a lot by those types of clothes that fit with your body type.

There is no harm in experimenting, but comfort is one thing which you should always keep in mind before buying any kind of clothing from these Women’s Clothing brands, be it western or Indian. A lot of these brands offer plus size clothing too so that women with plus size body shouldn’t be left out. So go through their website or visit their stores. Happy shopping.

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