What is Business Intelligence? BI Trends of 2019 & It’s Importance

what is Business Intelligence

What is Business Intelligence?


Many of the software development companies in Delhi have placed a larger emphasis on the importance of business Intelligence. We would be taking a comprehensive look at what it is, what does it involve, and its popular trends. We would take a look at it in more detail in the sections below.

How business intelligence Works?

Business Intelligence (BI) – The Importance and Impacts:

BI utilizes a lot of practices, applications, and technologies for accumulation and analysis with respect to the business information. The importance of BI is to basically give more emphasis to making better decisions. The systems that are used provide you with conjecture-based views of how the business actually operates. The data can then be utilized for data warehousing purposes.

Mainly the business intelligence systems are driven by data which is where the concept of DSS comes into play. Decision Support System (DSS) is the primarily used computerized system to sift through massive mounds of data. It is then used to give the organizations the best outcome possible for making critical decisions for them.

It is critical for business houses to keep track of business data consisting of production, financial, sales analysis, etc. Data regarding the competitor companies are also gathered using the same technique which is also called Benchmarking.

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Business Intelligence can sometimes be used with respect to reports, orientation materials, query tools, etc. They can be used identically to that of the Company information as a form of business intelligence information.

The Growing Trends in B.I.

Multiple software companies in Delhi are starting to understand that data is instrumental, and an important aspect of information management. But it is also an important eye that data needs to be overseen as part of the integrated enterprise approach.

The concept of Enterprise Information Management pools in Enterprise Content Management and Business Intelligence into one single entity.ECM is a set of practices and strategies which will enable the organizations to secure and obtain information to their respective employees. The merger between these two is a very vital trend.

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Many of the multinationals and enterprise-level companies are moving towards Operational Business Intelligence. This aspect of Business Intelligence has been very rarely tested by vendors and is therefore ripe to invest in.

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Usually, the BI vendors would only focus on the ones at the top level of the pyramid. But a trend has now started to divert their attention to the bottom level that focuses on Self-Service Business Intelligence. Self Service Business Intelligence mainly involves access to information and corporate data without any prior need to do a background analysis.


Business Intelligence is cited as an important factor for many of the organizations all around the world. It is something that needs to be included in every company’s workflow since information is always the key. If you don’t have data to work on, you as an organization would be in the dark, and BI is the light.

Business Intelligence serves to pave the way for streamlining all these processes effectively and with ease.

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