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Domino’s Pizza Is Giving away €100,000 in Bitcoin Prize

Domino’s Pizza france Giving away €100,000
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Domino’s Pizza Is Giving away €100,000 in Bitcoin Prize:

The Pizza Empire, Domino’s france is running a competition for its customers in France with a prize of €100,000 BTC. Domino’s has launched the giveaway on the occasion of its 30th birthday. The winner will be given €100,000 as Bitcoin which can be withdrawn either as Bitcoin or cash.

The competition will begin on September 4th and ends on October 6. The potential winners have to buy their pizza from Domino’s and register the purchase online to take part in the competition. They also need to participate in some games to win Bitcoins worth of €100,000 along with thousands of other exciting prizes.

The company has created a separate page for the competition on its website which contains the games and transaction rules. For

The Domino’s website of France reads the Competition rule’s here and participates to win € 100,000 in cash or bitcoin by ordering one of your favorite pizzas! 100% winning game. You can check the game rules of Domino’s Pizza France here.

The winner will remain alone and solely responsible for the management and security of this wallet.

Why Bitcoin with Pizza:

People who have been into Bitcoin for quite some time would have heard the story of the computer programmer, Lazlo Hanyecz. Lazlo Hanyecz has paid 10,000 Bitcoin for the delivery of two pizzas from Papa John on May 2010, in the first known transaction.

The worth of Bitcoins was in pennies but according to today’s pricing, those two pizzas worth becomes over $100 million. As enthusiasm for cryptographic forms of money developed, that historic purchase became somewhat venerated and has passed into digital folklore and has gone into computerized fables celebrated by a yearly Bitcoin Pizza Day. Paying with Bitcoin is still difficult and is offered by only a few companies. However, it is striking that, increasingly, services delivery, with the leading crypto-currency deal.

Domino’s have already shown a more profound association with the basic blockchain innovation and the crypto world. Lately, the organization has uncovered that it has chosen to acknowledge payments through Lightning Network. It has also gone into a partnership with SingularityNET to improve the logistics and delivery of its items.

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