What is ‘Instagram pods’?  To some, it gave a feeling of a bully, to some an overgrowing confidence, while some get loads of fun and for the rest, it’s useless with just a waste of time.  Some of us really sit and wonder, what is the use of all these publicity stunts? Yes, I am absolutely not out of my mind to have quoted this as a ‘publicity stunt’.

If we want a definition of the words ‘Instagram pod’ we can define it as a place that is very dark, where Instagram users keep tricking the actual Instagram algorithm to have a stunning impression from the other users. This stunning impression comes from an addition to the number of likes, comments, and followers. The unruly trick used in this case is to disrupt the algorithm and process it in such a format that you’re content of the post will be popping up the most in the feed of your followers.

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Huge surveys are being made relating the above question, but the thing is that it is like a group of people fighting with each other just to grab the position, I strictly feel, it is like an Animal Fight Club. But we are dealing with humans who love Instagram pods, the term can be “Insta-pod Fight Club”. The simple rule in the club is that, be very polite, don’t speak a single word regarding the fight, just wait for the super app “Telegram” come in your grip, and now it is the time to rock your party. Now the next thing that pops is,” what is telegram”? It is a wonderful app that doesn’t let you actually open up your identity.  Why are people so crazy about all these nonsense works? The answer is, they are always in a dilemma that their Instagram account will lose existence because Facebook is the owner of Instagram. When Facebook is being so strict with itself, any day it may snatch away the unfair privilege.

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Sometimes it really feels, everything is just a joke. I shall tell you how this channel is so successful in its activity.

  • The first step is that the members involved need to add a view, like and comment on the post for some continuous hours.
  • The comments must not be short. Short comments are not acceptable because they must be very attractive.
  • Now it is time to “save” the post. This is the platform where the trick begins at its height. This is the point where the belief comes that the Instagram actual algorithm can be changed.
  • Once everything in the group is ready, you simply need to comment on the telegram. Now you need to attach your Instagram account username with the link to be posted.
  • A limit of 2 posts is allowed a day.
  • If you miss out on a post, you will be stopped from enjoying the world of the Instagram pods.


To verify my personal experience I decided to go through the several reviews posted on some of the websites relating to the decisions taken by experts researching on social networking sites. I found a similarity in the view of each and every expert. All of them suggest the same thing, that they have verified this fact and proved it to be a “true “ one that Instagram pods do really fetch more name and fame, more likes and comments, greater satisfaction to the individual.

instagram pods Is it good or bad for influencers


Hardly do people think about moral values while using a social networking site. If it had been so, there would never have been so many cases of fraud, fleeing away, playing mind games and forcing someone to death. When we get involved in false social networking activities, we play a real foul game. To suit our expectations, we hurt others. There is always two sects of people born. Some to have the fun and enjoy the ride, while someone else who is mocked, fooled out of the other’s thrill. To combat such uncanny activities, some countries have joined in the movement of eradicating the unhealthy, unscrupulous activity.

But, if we think of the other half, we may also conclude that it is a benefit on behalf of them, some downtrodden companies, individuals are at least getting the option to be highlighted by using the pod. But which side to go with? It’s hard to decide


Everyone is born with some or other special abilities. Forging through dark spheres is not easy, it takes a lot of risk into consideration. Yet, morality comes first according to me. Yet, there is also some fun in realizing the expectations of the users. There may be more of some such super funny stories if you go searching the web. To some, this channel may be a boon while to some it is s curse. We need to be careful enough in handling, and never falling into small hopes. You can also enjoy the ride but to the mark where you feel, you are safe.

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