What is Cryptocurrency and The Growing Presence of Blockchain?

If you have a question regarding Blockchain technology and question like What is a cryptocurrency, ICO(Initial Coin offering), Crypto mining and Altcoin, etc.

As for the unabated rise of investments in anything (probably everything) having a sophisticated sign showing the irresistible “Cryptocurrency” paradigm, one thing has so far proved to be equally – if not more – unanimous: Blockchain has a bright and probable future to becoming that answer to investments, money transfer, and basically things we might never have otherwise heard of. The response is thick, for the Blockchain is more than just a boat for bitcoins (and even other forms of Cryptocurrency) to sail safely.

What is ICO (Initial Coin Offering)?

Well, guess what? For one thing, Initial Coin Offering (ICO) opens a wide field of risky investments that however might have rich payoffs by the end. ICO is a way to seek initial crowdfunding for – you got that right – a cryptocurrency-based startup, building around a cryptocurrency market, and allegedly seeking bitcoins or Ethereum in return for some capital. This funding then could be juggled between other investors as “tokens”, hugely in favor of the startup company, and supposedly in return for legal tenders, or other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or well, Ethereum.

The whole point?

ICO could be the same as IPO, the difference being that the value of a bitcoin can rather surprisingly rise, and when it does, you probably wish you already had a hand in the pie.

Truth be told, the value, establishment, or the stability of a cryptocurrency depends more than marginally on the bubble (as they say) it is growing within. One thing going south could cause it to burst, leaving just the blockchain to make use of. For that matter, the versatility of the blockchain is actually a thing to consider, and having one or more of the following applications means you know what blockchain can actually do.

what is an ICO

Behaviour Exchange:

To just give you the overlay, and not bore you with the nitty-gritty tech stuff, a blockchain literally is a chain of “blocks”, collapsing or interfering with one of which can cause the collapse of the whole structure, hence offering security more than anything.

Ever wondered why bitcoin transfers just vanish into thin air?

Anyhow, what is BehaviourExchange?

With BehaviourExchange, online visitors to a particular site can be “identified” identified, decoded, learned, and be given offers based on their psychology – all real-time. This can largely alter what is brought to your table in the future. With technology like this, you hardly have to worry about altering your feed to not contain the velvety sofa you never would buy in a million years.


Online marketing could be a tricky thing to do if all you could come up with it is to spam someone’s profile or bring a thing to people who don’t want it, while leaving it for those who do want it to find for themselves.

In times like these, the best thing to do would be to use all the information a customer divulges online to customize his/her feed with necessities, rather than spam – in real-time.

What has the blockchain to do with it?

Getting information from anyone on the internet without one’s knowledge is outrageous, to say the least. When, however, such volatile information sail in the safer waters of the blockchain, masked enough, they wouldn’t raise any potent red flags around. The information would just be used for customization.



The proportions of financial and investment standings based on the blockchain platforms have risen by about a considerable percentage that transparency, more than anything else, can quite be what will help people have more trust in the services they avail. There would have been a situation each one of us would have had wherein we would have given a blank paycheck just to know what happened on the other side of the wall.

So, what goes on the other side of the wall?

Transparency is one thing that you sure can get in the Betex business model.


The thing is, everything that comes out of Betex is so transparent that they might have just been created with the blockchain technology. Well, kudos to you for believing, the Betex business model is actually built with blockchain tech. The betting that happens there completely is exclusive of Betex itself, hence there is no kingmaker in the field who can tamper with the results.

Other than that, you get to have instant payouts, and they don’t even require any initial deposits.

Business Model:

The Betex is built around a model of transparency to help people understand them better. Their own terms dictate that (paraphrasing) they are intent on forming a pool of liquidity for underlying assets to increase user’s gains.

how initial coin offering works


What is Goldma Platform?

The Gold Mining Asset is one that you can buy to entitle yourself to as much as 5% of the net royalties gained through the mining operations in Zimbabwe, which is represented through the gold tokens that you have. This, in itself, is an excellent example of the ICO kind of investment, where you are literally a part of the crowdfunding that lubricates the mining operations.

How does it Goldma Platform work?

This basically began as a way of combining the best thing about gold and cryptocurrency. If you ever want to become its part, you have to put your solid investments into it by buying the gold tokens that will immediately warrant you for around 5% of the net profits of the company.


Blockvest is an Ethereum based firm that helps in the digitization of assets. The firm works with a token-as-fund business model, which, if you get there to subscribe, will be leaving you subscribing to the fund’s business model.


Among all the other things, Blockvest can help you earn free money on the side. Technically, it works on the same principle as that of the functionalities used in Steemit. The site focuses on providing the cryptocurrency popularly known as “Steem”, in return for writing or curating stuff on the website.

Why even care to invest?

This is yet another platform for investors to make use of. If you still are in the blind-spot, then you need to know what it would feel like to have money coming in from the side. This is an investment firm based on how much ownership of the tokens you have. Besides, the usage of blockchain technology will insure that the website is completely transparent.


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